Nasi Timbel from West Java

Nasi Timbel (Rice Timbel) is typical of Sunda (West Java) food, who presented with lalapan, sambal terasi, and pepes Ikan Mas (Goldfish wrapped in a banana leaf and roasted).
Timbel (in Sunda Language) with the meaning "Bekal" in Indonesian ( “Bekal” means “Supplies” in English), Histories, the farmers before going to rice field or farm always bring the supplies of rice with wrapped by banana leaf and completed with a side dish for lunch, therefore recognizing of Nasi Timbel.

• 300 grs of hot rice
• 2 pieces of banana leaves

How to make:
Banana leaves to be stacked become one and put the hot rice in over with averaging then fold the long both sides to the middle and rolling glue.

Said dish of LALAPAN (dish of vegetables)
Lalapan can dish by cooked or raw.
Contain of cooked lalapan are pumpkin, leafy vegetable, spinach, string bean/chickpea and then boiled.
Contain of raw lalapan are eggplant, cabbage, string beans, basil, tomatoes and cucumber.

Side disch of SAMBAL TERASI (sauce made with blachen/hard shrimp paste)

• 5 pieces of red curls chili
• 2 pieces of cayenne
• 1 teaspoon of baked/fried "terasi" (blachen/hard shrimp paste)
• 1 teaspoon of brown sugar
• 1 piece of small tomato
• 1 piece of lime
• Salt as adequate.

How to make raw sambal terasi:
Refined red curls chili, cayenne, shrimp paste, brown sugar, salt and tomato. But do not be too smooth, then add lime essence.
How to make cooked sambal terasi:
Steam red chili and tomatoes to wilt, lift and then refined add the shrimp paste, salt and lime essence.

Side disch of PEPES KUNING IKAN MAS (Goldfish wrapped with yellow spices in a banana leaf and roasted)
• 4 pieces of goldfish
• Salt as adequate
• Lime gist
• 6 cloves of onion
• 3 cloves of garlic
• 3 cloves of hazelnut
• Turmeric
•1 pieces tomato
• basilleaves
• 2 stem of onions leaf
• Red chili
• Banana leaves for wrap

How to make Pepes Kuning Ikan Mas:
  1. Clean the fish, remove scales of fish and fish gills, and let there intact. Smear the fish with salt and lemon essence then let during 15 minutes.
  2. Refine the onion, garlic, turmeric and hazelnut, and then mix with slice of tomato, basil, onions and chili. Spice was ready.
  3. Take adequate banana leaves, put the fish and smear with a mixture of spices, then wrapped and steamed until cooked.
* Nasi timbel ready for serve completed with side dish

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